About Us

Welcome!  We are so glad that you are here!

Wilbury Tees was officially launched in the fall of 2019 by Michael and Heidi Lee. We were both born and raised in beautiful southern Utah.  We love living here and raising our three awesome children in the place we call home.

The idea to begin the brand was born slowly over the course of ten years. After getting a degree in graphic design, Michael casually dabbled in a variety of design gigs ranging from web design to custom logos and t-shirts. Michael had never considered starting a business until Heidi suggested that they focus on creating t-shirt designs that featured their hometown. Nestled among many state and national parks and with a rich frontier history, Michael knew that they would have no shortage of material for design content. Over the course of a year, we researched, created, and debated dozens of designs before finally deciding that it was time to launch.  Named for the 1980’s rock band, The Traveling Wilburys, Wilbury Tees is the product of our creative collaboration and desire to feature the town that we love. 

 We are so proud of our collection and hope you find something here that you love.  Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.  We would love to hear from you!

 Michael and Heidi Lee

Wilbury Tees